More than Massage

I found much more than I bargained for while doing a story on the closing of the Flourtown Farmer’s Market this past weekend in the form of a healer whom I believe channeled my Mother’s spirit to me.  As I recounted the story to my sister that night, she broke down sobbing because I – not she – had had the encounter with Mom.  My Mother visited me with and through a Glenside woman who works out of a placed called Healing Center in Erdenheim.

As some background, my Mother passed not so peacefully at her home on May 22nd. Of the four grown children, I was her namesake and her Power of Attorney who had to make the tough call regarding ending her treatments, and ultimately her life.

After interviewing vendors and customers in the crowded Flourtown Farmer’s Market aisles, I spotted Andrea Borowsky, who had established Beck’s Catering more than 20 years ago.  As a regular customer, she asked me where I had been and I explained that my Mother had passed and that I simply stumbled upon the fact that the market was closing this weekend and transitioning to a new location and was there to do a story.  Andrea introduced me to Cara Brind, “my friend and ace massage therapist,”  and someone she highly recommended.  I said I was already working with someone on massage but craned my neck offhandedly commenting that I should have gotten in there before the week was out.  After the exchange, Cara followed me a bit and I knew she was someone on some level I needed to connect with.  Cara hung around and after I got all my photos and quotes, she offered a complimentary massage for what I had gone through with my Mother.   We both looked at our calendars and decided to get together just after 5 pm, even though she had already closed shop and was simply heading home for the weekend.

As I entered her space, I commented on the large blue butterfly poster and butterfly décor and I commented that the butterfly theme had worked its way into my Mother’s passing.  I had even printed my mother’s story for her service on paper bordered with butterflies.

In short order Cara worked my body like it had never been worked before, and I could feel the energy coming through her fingers.  I asked if she did Reiki as well, because the energy was so strong, and Cara responded that sometimes she couldn’t stop the energy, even when she was doing a regular massage. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means “universal life energy” in Japanese, and Reiki practitioners are trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

At some point the massage ended, and Cara excused herself and told me to use the room as long as I needed.  As I lay there with a heated gel mask on my eyes, I thought I heard her come back in and I clearly felt the Reiki energy over my legs.  It was so powerful that I just assumed she had come back into the room to perform some light Reiki and that’s when Mom visited happened.  I said aloud that I could feel my mother’s presence in the room and through her fingers.  My mother was telling me she was at peace, and that I should be too.  Again, thinking Cara was in the room, I said I wished I had gotten one last hug from my mother, and as I lay there, I felt an otherworldly compression on my chest.  It was a spiritual hug.  At that point, I whipped off the eye mask to see that Cara was not in the room.  I wandered out to the hallway and Cara said she had been out there for 20 minutes or so waiting for me.  I told her what had happened and she said she wasn’t surprised.

“Your mother was with us from the start.  I felt her energy going through me as I was massaging you,” said Cara, who said that in another life she was a Shaman, but that she only shared that with individuals she felt understood the afterlife.  Shamanism is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.

As the tears flowed freely Cara said my mother told her she loved me very, very much, and that she trusted me to make the right decisions.  She told me that  my mother said that “she was okay with the way things happened in the end, and not to worry, she was okay with all of it.”   Cara had not known that I was my Mother’s Power of Attorney and that I had to make the call on discontinuing treatment.

Cara told me she didn’t normally bring up the spirits who visit during a healing session, unless the person she was working on brought it up.

She said she was glad I was open to receiving the healing as she believed my Mother’s spirit had attached itself to her and would not let her go.  As we walked out the door two-and-a half hours later and with absolutely no discussion of or exchange of money, Cara thanked me for letting the spirit speak through her, allowing her to go home and walk her dog and get on with her weekend.  She also told me that my mother has more to tell me and that she will visit me in my dreams.  Thank you Cara, which means ‘dear one’ in Latin, for being a dear one to me on Friday.  I received more than a massage, I received a clear message that my Mother is at peace, and so I am at peace.


Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher Cara Brind can be reached at 267 752-6046 or  Barbara Sherf can be reached at or 215.990.9317.