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Case Studies

Pennies for Penny
When the Principal of Guth Elementary School decided to bring a check and the students to the Elmwood Park Zoo after collecting their pennies for Penny the alligator, I asked that they instead bring their pennies.  A check would not have made an interesting visual, but having the kids empty their little pockets full of pennies for Penny was the ticket to getting print and broadcast news coverage

Maplewood Music Studio
When Rich Rudin of Maplewood Music Studio called on a Friday afternoon to tell her that a crane was scheduled to move three pianos through a large window on the second floor of his new Chestnut Hill Location, Barb delivered.  Not only did she get a front-page placement in the Chestnut Hill Local, she was able to get WHYY Public Radio’s Newsworks to do a story, video and slideshow as well as pickup on Channels 3, 10 and 29.
“I knew the visual would be interesting and on a slow Monday morning in August, the image was well received,” said Barb.

Click here to read the article and watch a video by Newsworks
Click here to read the article by Chestnut Hill Local

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