Speech Coaching Testimonials

“Working with Barb was easy and enjoyable. She nurtured my confidence and speaking skills so I could confront a presentation as a rewarding enjoyable experience instead of wasting my energy on feeling fearful! I introduced gestures, props and entertainment to my presentation in addition to using clear, simple yet engaging slides. Barb kindly sat in on a presentation which was a comfort and showed great support. After being congratulated by numerous colleagues on my excellent presentation, I am now excited at the prospect of finding another speaking engagement to put my skills into practice again.”
Kirsty Halliday, Director of Environmental Programs, SCA Americas

“The speech coaching I received gave me the confidence to go before large professional groups and relay my message on tree preservation.  At one time I shied away from public speaking opportunities.  Now I embrace them.”
John Studdy, Arborist Representative, Bartlett Tree Experts

“I wanted to thank you for all the help you have given my colleague and I over the last few months. What we brought to you was basically some photos arranged in PowerPoint. However, when we finished we had a real professional presentation that clearly told a story! Your feedback really made the difference. Not only was it delivered in a professional, non-threatening manner, but it was information we could incorporate immediately to make improvements in our presentation style. There were plenty of pointers throughout the sessions that helped refine the delivery and content of our presentation.  We will definitely be using CommunicationsPro.com to prepare for future speaking engagements.”
Susanne Hanson, Business Development, Wallace Associates

“Thanks for your coaching. Judy’s (Vrendenburgh, President/CEO) nationally broadcast speech was a big success,”
Karen Mudd, (former) Communications Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Philadelphia

“Speech coaching helped me at a critical time in the growth of our (former) company CDNow. In three sessions, I felt more confident and relaxed in front of my employees, shareholders and the general public. I would recommend speech coaching for any entrepreneur. It helps you to get your message across, which is critical to success.”
Jason Olim, former President of CDNow

Your Public Speaking Boot Camp was educational and not intimidating. My staff and I loved your sense of humor and flexibility with our schedules.
Eileen Connolly-Robbins, CEO, Main Line Chamber of Commerce

Your visit was another ray of sunshine in an exceptionally fine class. My students loved your humor, your high spirits, your quirky illustrations of everything one needs to keep the yawns at bay to keep the troops attentive and eager for more. You’re full of surprises, all of them delightful. It’s easy to say kind words about your classroom visit. You helped illuminate key principles of public speaking, reaching my young audience where they can hear you best, and you entertained them (and me!) in the bargain. Thanks again for being such a good friend as well as a thorough Communications Pro.
Frank Quattrone, Public Speaking Professor, Penn State, Abington

“Barb is terrific! I asked her to help me prepare for a Panel Event in Chicago and due to her it worked out great. Barb is thoughtful, creative, professional and very patient.”
Jane Munro, As You Wish Promotions

“Barbara helped me polish a professional presentation that I had been nervous about. After my session with her, I felt confident, and I rocked it!”
Karey Bacon