Capture Life Stories

Please choose 3 sessions for a half day seminar, or 5 for a full day.

Mining Your Stories – Whether for personal or professional use, it is important to capture your stories and use them to inform, educate and entertain. In this workshop, you will be given a host of worksheets to mine your stories. This session can be offered to business owners or as a tool to inspire the elderly to write their memoirs.  Suggested reading Cowboy Mission: The best sermons are lived…not preached. by Barbara Sherf and Charles T. Sherf.

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Cowboy Mission: The Best Sermons are Loved… Not Preached
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Learn to Dance in the Rain – The Power of Gratitude Book and DVD combination workshop based on the Vivian Greene poem “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to Dance in the Rain!”  Auhors MacAnderson and BJ Gallagher’s work will change the way you view yourself, life, and the world around you.

Making the Most or “Your Dash”
This workshop is based on the Linda Ellis poem and ensuing book by Ellis and Mac Anderson titled “The Dash – Making a Difference with Your Life.”  We begin with a DVD overview and reading the poem, then review exercises in the book before writing about Our Dash. The Dash is the – between the date we are born and the date we die.

Fashion Flashback
Do you remember when women wore hats and white gloves to go shopping and men wore bow ties and pocket-handkerchiefs? In this session, we’ll take a walk down memory lane with a look at the fashions of yesteryear. Participants are encouraged to bring a hat, bodice, shoe-hooks, or other clothing item that typically isn’t in use anymore. We’ll explore the history of fashion themes from the 1900s to the present.

Recipes of Love
Some of the happiest family memories are made in the kitchen.
Everyone cherishes a time when they baked cookies with grandma or remember baking their first cake for Dad’s birthday. In this workshop, we’ll share simple techniques to establish cooking traditions within a family that will last for years to come. Learn how to archive your family recipes and the stories that go with them.

Remembering our Pets
In this session, participants are urged to bring objects, photos, and stories about a current pet or one who has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We will talk about the life lessons pets taught or continue to teach us and celebrate the lives and stories of our pet friends.

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Tall Tales in the Saddle, featuring Charlie Sherf

Tall Tales in the Saddle from Public Media Commons at WHYY on Vimeo.