PR Boot Camps

Please choose 3 sessions for a half day seminar, or 5 for a full day.

Media Madness— In this session, participants will be given a basic overview of how to work with and build relationships with reporters and editors. Attendees will learn how to work with both print and electronic media individually and as a group.

Six Steps to Free Publicity – In this session participants will learn the art of publicizing a business, product, themselves, or a cause on a shoestring budget.  The dynamics of writing an attention-getting press release, taking a media-worthy publicity photo, and successfully pitching to the media will be covered.

Mining Your Stories – Whether for personal or professional use, it is important to capture your stories and use them to inform, educate and entertain. In this workshop, participants will be given a host of worksheets to mine their stories.  This session can be offered to anyone to develop a core message.  Suggested reading “Cowboy Mission…the Best Sermons are Lived…Not Preached” by Barbara Sherf and Charles T. Sherf.

Pitch Session – Learn the art of pitching to anyone about anything.  Start-up businesses, job seekers, and sales staff will learn the art (and luck) behind making a good pitch.  Whether you are pitching a newspaper editor, a venture capitalist, a business prospect, or a hiring manager, learn how to develop and deliver an effective pitch every time out.  A special guide to working with newspaper editorial boards will be detailed and furnished to attendees.

Networking for Success— In this session, participants will learn how to cull quality leads in networking situations and how to better market themselves and their organizations. Participants will learn everything from the basics of working a room in a networking situation to the essential follow-up process necessary to turn leads into sales.  Bring plenty of business cards.

Marketing You and Your Organization  — We will explore message development and marketing principles by taking a look at business cards, brochures, and web sites. We’ll explore why some work and some do not. Participants are encouraged to bring their marketing materials for a “Swap and Shop.”  Recommended reading – Made to Stick (Is this a book, pamphlet? Needs puncuation accordingly) by the Heath Brothers.

Crisis Communication – Real-life scenario: an employee is involved in a fatal accident a block from the news bureau of your major daily newspaper.  TV crews are on the scene.  What do you say and when?  Participants will be given real-life scenarios, then asked to develop media statements along with a hands-on primer for conducting damage control under pressure.